Our Strains

Brian our Seed Maker, strives to make cannabis accessible to the masses. Perhaps in his youth that meant growing and selling as much cannabis as possible. Now days he is more into sharing his knowledge and aims to make top quality strains that are easy to work with and don’t require crazy levels of attention to achieve a great product. (unless otherwise noted, he’s been working on a Haze line that is NOT beginner friendly).

Troll Foot is the back bone of all our current strains , but we have more in the works! Troll Foot itself is an Autoflower version of a stand out cutting the went around the Albany/ Hudson Valley in New York that came from a pack of Swerves seeds from CaliConnection seeds, during all that 818 Headband drama if anybody remembers that from the old forums.(Forum drama aside there where good seeds, at least at one time.) The Cutting took home first place in the 2014 Ny Cannabis Cup, I wish I could take credit but that clone did a lot of the heavy lifting. Which is exactly why I chose it to be the foundation of my company.

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