Our Extracts.

At Silphium we follow the science, and the science says that the combustion of pretty much anything carbon based leads to cancer causing byproducts, we see extracts as the safer choice. We care about ourselves and our community. We want the cleanest, purest products available. That demand for quality is a big part of why 20 years ago I made the risky choice to grow my own . In late 2014 I had a chance to get the “ACDC” cutting of the now popular CBD dominate strain Cannatonic from a random Facebook “friend” I didn’t know yet in real life. We decided to risk it and drive to Boston to trade for the cut.

My buddy Casey and I went on and grew two patches of the plant in our usual guerrilla grow locations. We took it upon ourselves to learn short path distillation and processed a large amount of hemp down to a rather crude, yet pretty clear product, that at the time I was proud of. Today, not even 10 years later and with so much more knowledge, I am happy to offer a far superior, and finally legal product!

Short path distillation is a process used to separate and purify liquids based on their boiling points. It works by heating a mixture of liquids to the point where the one with the lowest boiling point vaporizes, and then condensing that vapor to obtain a more pure form of the liquid. This process is called “short path” because the distance between the heating and condensing surfaces is short, which minimizes the loss of the vapor to the surrounding air. The resulting product is often very pure, making it useful for a wide range of applications, from producing essential oils to purifying chemicals for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

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