About Us.

Its a small 2 person team at Silphium, we have been close friends since childhood, growing up in the same town in the Hudson Valley in New York, we even went to cub scouts together. We (Brian and Casey) grew up smoking the best buds New York had to offer. Which turns out was pretty damn good compared to some of our friends, living in states even more under the thumb of overzealous law enforcement. We where lucky enough to get the infamous Sour Diesel and truly legendary NYC PIFF(which really came outta Florida but that’s a whole story) .

After high school our paths wouldn’t cross again until we realized when we were both secretly cultivating cannabis in the exact same local swamp separately, and eventually joined forces to combine our skills. Our work was recognized in the pages of High Times magazine in May 2016, featuring our outdoor patch of ACDC and Cannatonic, high in CBD content, 60 miles outside of NYC. Back then, even growing hemp was illegal.

As young cultivators in New York, we constantly faced challenges from the authorities. After winning the 2014 Cannabis Cup, we went underground for a year and returned in 2015 with a plan to provide CBD to those in need for free. We dedicated ourselves to growing plants for the community and did get a chance to provide relief to a few.

Gone are the days of carrying 9 gallon runs of water uphill in scorching summer heat, or hiking deep into the woods with heavy water pumps. No longer do we risk running into bears or the police while in the woods. We no longer endure the torment of wading waist-deep in a swamp filled with snapping turtles, covered in tick bites, and serving as a feast for mosquitoes. Today, our community operates on a much higher level and we continue to push the boundaries beyond our younger selves’ wildest dreams. It is a privilege to be part of this journey every day.

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