What is an Autoflower?

green cannabis plant

Autoflowering cannabis distinguishes itself from commonly cultivated photoperiod-type cannabis in that it does not rely on the length of day and night to trigger the flowering process. Unlike photoperiod strains, which begin to flower as the days shorten and nights lengthen in the fall or when the light cycle is artificially changed to 12 hours on and 12 hours off, autoflowering strains are indifferent to light cycles and can produce finished flowers ready for harvesting within 2-3 months of seed germination, depending on the strain. While autoflowers require adequate light, water, warmth, and nutrients to grow, their flowering timing is not based on light hours like photoperiod types. This characteristic provides growers with several advantages, including faster turnaround, no need for artificial light deprivation, and harvest planning to avoid adverse fall weather conditions. After many generations of selective breeding, our Autoflower strain now possess all the desirable attributes of our popular photoperiod strains.

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