Pollinating Plants and Feminizing Seeds: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Pollinating plants and feminizing seeds are two essential skills for any cannabis grower who wants to produce high-quality and genetically stable plants. Whether you’re planning to cross two strains or to create your own strain, knowing how to pollinate and feminize your plants is crucial. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to pollinate plants and feminize seeds.

Pollinating Plants

To efficiently pollinate select plants, we recommend having two completely separate grow rooms or areas to work in. One should be for the plants that you’re planning on switching to male in order to obtain female pollen; the other should be specifically for the plants that you plan on pollinating once you’ve reverted the other ones.

When using the pollen that you’ve collected from your reverted plants, you need to make sure that the plant that you plan on using it on is fully ready for it. This can depend on the strain you’re growing. The right time to begin applying feminized pollen is actually right when your plants begin to flower real flowers.

You generally want to use the pollen as fresh as possible on a plant that is fully ready to take it on, or else it simply might not work. To harvest large amounts of high-quality seeds, you’re probably better off doing a few tests in order to find out when the right moment is. You can do this by testing it out on the same strain before going big.

Feminizing Seeds

When making your own seeds, you can combine your favorite strains, resulting in a plant that you’ve created yourself that is 100% feminized. When you combine two strains, you’ll get various phenotypes with varying qualities and structures. It’s important that you use regular seeds to do this, as feminized ones are much too weak and might have issues such as stress and end up becoming hermaphrodites.

In order to stabilize the genes in your resulting plants, you’ll need to select the phenotypes you like the most, meaning that you’ll need to grow quite a lot of the seeds that you get from your feminized plant. Then, take a clone from each plant and set them to flower in order to study their characteristics. Once you’re done, you’ll need to pick two mother plants, revert them, and cross them with each other to get a more balanced version. This process is repeated as many times as necessary in order to create a balanced strain that has the characteristics you’re looking for.

Feminizing cannabis seeds is quite the process. You need to be able to keep perfect track and control of the timing when it comes to flowering and pollen yield if you want the best possible results. Take your time, do a few controlled tests, and then you can start making large amounts of your own seeds.

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